Boat Refloated After Running Aground in North Wildwood

On Saturday, April 16th an emergency mayday call was made in the Hereford Inlet.

Located between Stone Harbor and North Wildwood, the Hereford inlet is an ever-changing channel with sandbars changing every season.

Boat Refloated After Running Aground in North Wildwood

Boat Refloated After Running Aground in North Wildwood

The boat was a 57’ Wooden Chris Craft built in the late 1960s. It was moving up the channel with six people on board when it hit the channel bottom.

It grounded on the starboard side and created a gash that allowed water into the hull.

After placing the mayday call the captain made the decision to beach the vessel behind Aqua beach in Anglesea (North Wildwood).

North Wildwood Police, North Wildwood Fire, Ladder Company 2/A Platoon, Boat 2-1, Squad Co 3, & wave-runner 13 responded to the scene within minutes. The six persons on board were evacuated as the first responders held the boat in place via rope.

Sea Tow Cape May, Tow Boat US, and Northstar Marine arrived on the scene and worked together to tie down the boat, and pump the water out of the boat. It had taken in so much water that it started to tilt. 

We arrived on the scene to start filming the incident at this time, roughly 2:15 pm, and stayed for an hour and a half to document the process.

The tow companies worked hand and hand with the first responders to save the ship. It was a great partnership that showcased many different agencies.  

Sea Tow was able to tow it over to Schooner Island Marina where it was lifted out of the water revealing the gash on the starboard side. 

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