Boating In The Wildwoods + Cape May 1968

It’s time to jump back to 1968. In this film, we are given some great views of the Wildwoods and Cape May that have never been seen before.

This film is a good example of a vlog but from the 60s.

Boating In The Wildwoods + Cape May 1968

Boating In The Wildwoods + Cape May 1968

This family starts by getting into their boat in a Cape May Marina before heading out of the Cape May Canal. They make their way past Cape May and all the way down to Marine Pier in Wildwood.

On their way, we see everything from the Cape May Ferry, The Christian Admiral, The Ocean View, Wildwood Crest, and the Cape May Coast Guard Base!

Thank you to our buddy Joe Doyle for finding this film.

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