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Marine Pier – Wildwood 1960s – 60FPS

Marine Pier – Wildwood 1960s – 60FPS

If your reading the title of this article and trying to understand what it means let me break down what we have been doing.

The Wildwood Video Archive was created to preserve the Wildwoods and its surrounding sister towns.

This is done in a few ways.

  1. Recording history as it happens (vlogs, updates, construction)
  2. Create history videos about things that happen in the past
  3. Purchase 8mm, super8mm, and 16mm films and digitize them, and put them online.

As you know by now, we have been experimenting with new technology that uses A.I. to increase the quality of old 8mm and super8mm film.

The A.I. is able to upscale the frame rate from 15 FPS (frames per second) to an incredible 60 FPS. This is a BIG deal as it makes the video less choppy and very smooth. On top of this, it allows us to upgrade the format to 1080 or even 4K.

The first time we used this technology was for our Wildwood 1915 video. We took a black-and-white film, scale it up to 30fps at 1080, enhanced the quality, and colored it.

You can check out the finished version by clicking the link below.

Wildwood 1915 In Color – Using Artificial Intelligence

With the ever-changing technology, we are able to enhance the video even more.

In this video, you see Marine pier, the boardwalk, the tram car, the Walt Whitman bridge, and more in 60FPS at 1080. While this doesn’t fix the grain of the film it still makes this visually appealing.

I’m sure with advances in technology we will see A.I. remove the graininess.

Also in this video, I also show you a side-by-side comparison. One thing to keep in mind.

One minute of video takes about 3+ hours to process to upscale and upgrade. The original video took about 7 hours to get it to this quality.

These projects would have only been possible with help from my Patrons on Please consider signing up as it helps to fund these projects.

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