Wildwood Boardwalk Damage Via Drone

For those who don’t know, today wind gusts up to 74 miles per hour was recorded in Cape May County. Due to this wind storm much damage happened over the county. In Cape May the biggest damage happened to Congress Hall which lost a pillar and some of it’s roof while in Wildwood the boardwalk took a big hit with pieces of it flying up.

This section of the boardwalk was under construction and wasn’t fastened to the boardwalk. We did a tour of this boardwalk a few days ago to give you an update on the repairs.[That video is embedded under the drone video.] 

We plan on doing another video tomorrow but with a break in the weather we decided to throw the drone into the sky to give you a bird’s eyes view of the damage of the Wildwood Boardwalk! (video at the bottom of the page) 

If you want to check out the first photos and report on the boardwalk damage click the link below. 

Section of the Wildwood Boardwalk Destroyed By Wind

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Tour of the construction from a few days ago