Wildwood Construction Update – Oct 2021

Construction all over the Wildwoods is back on track for many projects. It looks like the boom we saw back in April is staying around a bit longer.

Back in April, we recorded a video showcasing all the projects taking place throughout the entire island!

For a time being, we would return to said projects to give you updates. Just like in years past when summer hit we paused these updates since many of you were down and visiting these sites yourself.

Now that we are in Fall and back into our off-seasonal mode let’s go back to these 4-6 weekly updates. 

If you want to watch that April video to compare where we left off to where we are now, then click the link below.

Wildwood Construction Update – April 2021

In the coming weeks, you will be seeing much demolition over the island as CAFRA permits start to get approved.

Since we didn’t want to have an hour-long construction update, we decided to visit a mix of some old and new projects. 

The Wildwoods projects include;

  • The Seawall Repair

  • Marvis Pancake House

  • Surf Motel/Condo

  • The Ocean Spires Update (North Wildwood Marina Project)

  • Bubba’s Liquor

  • Dredging the canal

  • Sinclair Gas Station

  • Demolition of 2nd St. Annie, M.T. Bottles and Fairview

  • Pump House Update

  • Taylor Scoop Playground Construction

  • The Singapore Condos

  • The Ocean Holiday / Mahalo Renovation

There are many different projects happening all over the island that we didn’t cover in this video. If there is one that you would like to see on our November construction update let us know.

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