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A Wildwood Crest Downtown Is In The Works

Wildwood Crest Downtown

Wildwood Crest Downtown

A Wildwood Crest Downtown Is In The Works

Roger Brooks, the author and CEO of Destination Development Inc, held a special presentation back in May 10th for the residents, business community and municipality leaders to give ideas on how to make Wildwood’s New Jersey Avenue Business District better, (into Wildwood Crest Downtown).

The Crest city officials liked what Brooks had to say and are now taking some of his suggestions as they plan for a Wildwood Crest Downtown. 

The downtown area will run on New Jersey Ave from Cresse Avenue to Wisteria Road and would designated as an commercial district.

The plan would call for improved street markings, roadway signs, landscaping, pole banners, restrooms and trash cans.

The project is still in the planning phase and wont be slated to start until two to three years in the future.

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