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Wildwood Dog Park Renovations 2022

Wildwood Dog Park Renovations

Those bringing their four-legged friends to the Wildwood beach Dog Park in the near future might have to hold out.

Currently, Wildwood Dog Park is going through some major renovations.

The Wildwood Dog Park, which is located between Glenwood and Maple Avenues on the beach, will be closed for the next two to three weeks as the city prepares to give it a new look.

The park opened up in 2016 and since then there have been many changes including a one-time move. These changes are made to enhance the area and to bring in new activities for the dogs.

By 2022 the park will have a whole new look. In the park will be new commercial obstacle equipment, a larger “small breed” section, more shade areas, and a few other additions.

During this time the park will be closed as a majority of the fencing will be removed and replaced. (this is why you won’t be able to access the park during the construction.

The city will be posting pictures of the progress throughout the renovation for those who cannot see it in person.

You can see their photos on their Facebook page, Wildwood Dog Park & Beach.

We will be sure to add the Wildwood Dog Park Renovations to our monthly construction videos. This monthly video showcases all the major projects taking place all over the island. These projects range from the new student housing on Pacific Avenue to the new Wildwood Boardwalk. 

You can watch the latest Wildwood Construction Update (January) video at the bottom of this article.

Tune back later for more details on the 2022 Wildwood Dog Park Renovations.

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