2022 Wildwood Crest Beach Box Rental Information

Those who rented beach storage boxes in 2021 will have a two-week priority registration window to automatically renew their beach box rental for 2022 from Monday 1/31/22 through Sunday 2/13/22.

Those who rented in 2021 will receive an email with instructions on how to renew their box rental for 2022 no later than Friday 1/21/22.

Open registration for 2022 beach box rentals will begin Monday 2/28/22 at 11 am.

The cost to rent a box for the 2022 summer season is $450. This is the same price as last year.

The Crest defines the 2022 beach box season as Saturday 5/21 through Sunday 9/25.

All priority and open registration for 2022 beach box rentals will take place through this page. Boxes cannot be rented in person or over the phone.

Box holders from 2021 who do not renew by 2/13/22 will not be guaranteed a box rental for 2022 and must go through the open registration process.

For more information about beach storage box rentals, contact the Wildwood Crest Recreation Department at 609-523-0202 or visit WildwoodCrest.org.

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