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A Longer Wildwood Farmers Market

Due to popular demand, the BID, “the Wildwood Business Improvement District” had grown the size of the Wildwood Farmers Market!

This year marks the second year that the Wildwood Farmers Market has been around and wow has it taken off. Last year, according to Jodie DeiEduardo, from the Wildwood Business Improvement District they have increased the number of open days for the Wildwood Farmers Market from 10 Saturdays (Last year) to 16 Saturdays (summer 2015 season).

The Wildwood Farmers Market has something for everyone. 16 our of the many vendors that have sell things such as; freshly baked products, bagged nuts, organic teas, honey, local wine (from Cape May), pickles, smoked meat, and so much more.


Jodie DiEduardo, the Downtown Wildwood Farmers Market Manager, said in an interview on June 22nd;

“Many of our Memorial Day visitors have helped us spread the word about the Downtown Wildwood Farmers Market taking place every Saturday on Pacific Avenue. We have shopperswho have come every week since we opened last year and many more who have gotten into the habit of shopping the Farmers Market and Pacific Avenue stores every Saturday Morning. It have been great for the farmers Market vendors and the surrounding Downtown Businesses on Pacific Avenues.”


For those who do not know yet, the Downtown Wildwood Farmers Market is open every Saturday through Labor Day Weekend. The hours are from 8:00Am until 12:00pm. For those who want to drive to the market, there is free parking available in the lot behind the market. There will be signs so make sure you following them!


To keep up to date information regarding the Wildwood Farmers Market or to see if it is not opening due to rain and other weather, please check out the official Facebook page for the Wildwood Farmers Market. The Wildwood Farmers Market