Wildwood Motel Expanding (Pictures)

A year ago we announced that The Le Voyageur Motel, located at 232 E Andrews Ave, had filed a motion with the Wildwood Planning and Zoning Board for an extension on their current motel.

You can read about that article below

The Le Voyageur Motel Expanding!

A month later they were approved for an addition of twenty-four (24) rooms.

Just this week we learned that construction has started on the property and we are so excited for them!!!

We have an exclusive photo of how the finished motel is going to look. You can check it out at the bottom.

Within the next few weeks we will get some great drone footage for you all!

Enjoy the photos!

Thanks Tim for the photos!!!

Wildwood Motel Expanding (Pictures)

Wildwood Motel Expanding (Pictures)

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