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Wildwood Motel Fire Cause Released

Wildwood Motel Fire Cause Released

Yesterday, June 15th, the Windward Motel, located at 5200 Ocean Ave experienced a two-alarm fire.

Roughly after 11:30 am, a phone call was placed saying that smoke was coming from the room of the motel.

Wildwood Motel Fire Cause Released

Wildwood Motel Fire Cause Released

At this time the Wildwoods were experiencing strong winds from the South at 10 mph. This wind caused the fire to move quickly and to catch more portions of the roof on fire.

By the time Wildwood police and fire arrived on the scene, the fire increased in size and was about to jump over to the motel next door, the SeaKist.

For just over two hours, five hoses from multiple fire companies in Cape May County were on the scene fighting to contain the fire.

Just after 2 pm, an ‘under control’ call was placed.

In an announcement later in the day, it was revealed that the motel was getting some work done when a welder’s torch caught part of the roof on fire. The fire was ruled accidental.

Since it was a Tuesday, pre-season, the motel was empty. The owners were using this time to get some work done. Just after the fire started everyone who was working at the property was evacuated.

A BIG thank you to our AMAZING first responders. These brave souls were risking their lives to stop this fire. It’s because of their dedication and hard training that this fire was contained to one section of the motel. This was the second motel fire of the season. Both of these fires were contained quickly due to our hard-working first responders.

We were on the scene minutes after firefighters arrived to bring you drone footage of the fire. [Which you can watch below]

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