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Wildwood Motel Fire – Windward Motel 2022 – Drone Footage

Wildwood Motel Fire – Windward Motel 2022 – Drone Footage

Around 11:40 am a 911 phone call was placed for a structure fire at 5200 Ocean Ave in Wildwood.

This is the address for the Windward Motel. Once at the scene The Wildwood Fire Department upgraded the alarm to a Two-Alarm.

The radio call said that there was a fire inside the Southern rooms which was spreading to the roof.

Due to the strong South-East winds, the flames were moving toward the motel next door, the SeaKist Motel.

Fire departments throughout Cape May county started to arrive on the scene about 10 minutes into the call. By 1 pm the fire was under control.

It took the many different fire companies roughly two hours to get the fire under control. 

We were able to get there and give yo man bird’s eye view of the firefighters doing what they do best.

A few letters were already out when we arrived and you can tell via the video that they were doing everything they could to stop the fire from spreading.

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