Mahalo Diamond Beach – Update

Back in November, we announced that ICONA had purchased the Regal Plaza Beach Resort located at 9501 Atlantic Ave for $5,192,000.

Mahalo Diamond Beach - Update

Mahalo Diamond Beach – Update

Though this property has its address in Wildwood Crest, half of its building also sits in Diamond Beach (aka Lower Township). [This explains why it’s called Mahalo Diamond Beach and not Mahalo Wildwood Crest]

ICONA wasted no time in tearing down the old parts of the hotel and getting it renovated with a new theme. In March we stopped by to view the construction during our Wildwoods Construction update.

If you want to watch our tour video from March click HERE.

The theming of the resort is Hawaiian, hence the name. Mahalo is the new brand under the ICONA name. Currently, they have two of these resorts in progress. The Diamond Beach location and another at the old Ocean Holiday motel at 6501 Ocean Ave, Wildwood Crest.

As you can see, it was important for the one in Diamond Beach to be called “Mahalo Diamond Beach” so as to not confuse it with the one in Wildwood Crest.

In our last visit to the resort much has been done. Gone were the green colors, lobby, and decoration. New was the lobby, overhangs, refreshed rooms, and Hawaiian-themed building exterior.

We filmed a quick little tour for you to check out. Mahalo Diamond Beach looks to be completed this week with the first guests checking in Tuesday, June 21st.

Sometime in the future, we will be back to film what it looks like on the inside. Keep in mind that they will have a parrot in the lobby which will greet you when you visit! 

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