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Simpsons Pop Up Coming To The Wildwood Boardwalk

Simpsons Pop-Up Coming To The Wildwood Boardwalk

If you were walking down the North Wildwood boardwalk this past weekend you would have noticed something new is coming.

At the very last shop on 21st and the boardwalk, there was a wall sign saying, “Moe’s Boardwalk Coming Soon.”

Simpsons Pop Up Coming To The Wildwood Boardwalk

Simpsons Pop Up Coming To The Wildwood Boardwalk

Under the sign was a website 

Of course, we ran home to figure out what was this new mysterious place.

Opening the link you see photos from the longest-running animated comedy, the Simpsons.

Turns out this is a temporary Simpsons pop-up shop and Instagram corner. It has been touring the country this past year under the direction of Joe McCullough at JMC Pop Ups LLC.

He recreates Moe’s Tavern and gives fans an experience like any other. The tavern has everything you can imagine, from a pool table, a Love Tester, a mock-up of Homer’s “office,” and a Simpsons-themed menu.

There you can order the Flaming Moe beverage (nonalcoholic), and pick up a Flaming Moe patch and a Moe’s Tavern Flaming Moe baseball cap. As the sign goes, Moe’s is the kind of place “Where Nobody Knows Your Name.”

Their other pop-ups mention food such as Spinach Farm Dip, No Lambs Were Harmed Veggie Hoagie, and You Don’t Make Friends with Salad Salad. No word yet if we will have those options here. 

Moe’s Boardwalk will be opening on June 18th (this week) so get ready for some Homer, Bart, Marge, Lisa and so much more.

Moe’s Boardwalk is a ticketed experience that starts at $15 (plus tax and fee). Tickets can be purchased online via their website.

We want to wish Joe and Moe (we had to make the joke) the best of luck.

It looks like this last popup was located at Springfield Mall put we are excited it will be on the Wildwood Boardwalk

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