Wildwood Restaurant’s Opening Dates

Wildwood Restaurant’s Opening Dates

Wildwood Restaurant’s Opening Dates

We are going through some strange times right now. The Covid-19 restrictions have caused many restaurants and attractions, that would normally be open, to be closed.

In the state of New Jersey restaurants can only provide take-out orders and not dine-in orders. With us being a seasonal town, which only gives us a few months out of the year, some seasonal businesses are opening.

We decided to put together a few different list of places that are open or will be opening soon. This list only shows seasonal restaurants. Year-round places like Poppi’s, Owen’s, Anglesea pub and more may be open for pickups.

Below is a list of places opening

  • Ice House – May 15th
  • Russo’s Market – Thursday, May 21st

Seasonal spots That Are Already Open

  • The Surfing Pig – Open Weekends
  • Vegas Diner – Open Weekends
  • Cool Scoops – Open Weekends
  • The Ravioli House – Open
  • Hassles Ice Cream – Open Weekends
  • Bagel Time – Open
  • Bagel Depot – Open

Seasonal Boardwalk Restaurants

  • Steak Em-Up – May 22nd
  • Sam’s Pizza – Open Daily
  • Mack’s Pizza – Open Daily (Both Locations) 
  • The Hot Spot – Open On Weekends
  • Snow White – Open On Weekends
  • Sorrento II – Open On Weekends
  • Three Brother’s – Open On Weekends
  • Douglass Candies – Free local delivery or curb side pick up
  • Kohrs Bros – Open On Weekends
  • Auntie Anne’s Open On Weekends (Both Locations)
  • La Cava – Open On Weekends

We will continue to update this list so be sure to come back to this later!

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