Wildwood Trump Rally Attendee Information

The City of Wildwood Police Department announced a series of security measures, in anticipation of large crowds and possible counter-demonstrations taking place in and around the Wildwoods Convention Center, ahead of President Donald Trump’s rally on Tuesday, January 28.


Wildwood Trump Rally Attendee Information

Wildwood Trump Rally Attendee Information

Event Site and Restricted Areas

The map shows the tentative outline of the event site area. The shaded area will have restricted access wit anyone entering the restricted area subject to security screening.

Road closures around the Convention Center will begin in the morning of Monday. Wildwood Police Chief Robert Regalbuto advises that since larger than normal crowds are expected for the January 28 rally, all vehicular and pedestrian traffic will be significantly reduced around the Wildwoods Convention Center.



The city meters are NOT on. This means you can park at them for free. There are private lots that will be open for a fee. There will be NO parking at the Wildwoods Convention Center. Cars parked illegally on private driveways or lots will get towed.



Attendees will be permitted to bring food and drinks inside the event area however coolers, backpacks, alcoholic beverages and glass containers will not be permitted. Food vendors will be located around the event area which include food trucks.

Inside the convention center the food stands will be open.



Public restrooms will be open on the Wildwood Boardwalk at Youngs Ave and Leaming Ave as well as the Doo Top Museum at fFox Park. Portable restrooms will also be around the event site.


Restricted objects into the Wildwoods Convention Center

Below is list of items that will NOT be allowed at the Wildwoods Convention Center:
• Aerosols and spray containers
• Alcoholic beverages
• Ammunition
• Animals other than service/guide animals
• Appliances
• Backpacks, bags, roller bags, suitcases, and other bags larger than 12”x14”x5”
• Balloons and balls
• Banners, signs, and placards, and supports for signs/placards
• Chairs
• Coolers
• E-cigarettes
• Drones and other unmanned aircraft systems
• Explosives of any kind, including fireworks
• Glass, thermal, and metal containers
• Laser lights and laser pointers
• Mace and/or pepper spray
• Noisemakers, such as air horns, whistles, drums, bullhorns, etc.
• Packages
• Poles, sticks, and selfie sticks
• Recreational motorized mobility devices
• Signs exceeding the size restrictions (20’x3’x ¼’)
• Tents and similar structures
• Toy guns
• Tripods
• Umbrellas
• Weapons of any kind, including firearms
• Any other item that may pose a threat to the security of the event, as determined by, and at the discretion of, security screeners
Please be advised that items that must be surrendered will not be returned.


Beach Access

The beaches will be closed and you will not be able to access them



On the day of the event, airspace will be restricted within a 10 mile radius. extending from the Wildwoods Convention Center. This includes ALL drones. (our friends at the Secret Service have a certain radio gun that will ground all drones).


Rally Area

Outdoor heaters, portable laboratories, and foot trucks are expected to be placed in the area outside of the Convention Center for the rally.

Entry to the rally is not guaranteed, and is given on a first-come, first-serve basis to the first 7,500 people in line.

Tune back for more information

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