Wildwood Water Tower Gets A Beach-Ball Makeover!

I know this is something extremely strange to get excited about but one of our water towers just got painted to look like a beach ball and it looks amazing.

The Wildwoods have four water towers on the island. Over the course of the 4 years each of them have been getting some tender love and care. Last year the water tower at Maple and New Jersey Ave was painted. If you want to see that drone video click HERE.

This year we were blessed with the second water tower on New Jersey Ave, (Garfield Ave) was painted but this time they did it quite differently.

Unlike the water tower on Maple Ave, which is a cylinder, the one on Garfield Ave is rounded. The painter took this to is advantage and decided to paint something that is round and beach themed… a beach ball!

We took the drop up to the tower to show you what it looks like!

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