24 Hours Before Trump Arrives In Wildwood

24 Hours Before Trump Arrives In Wildwood

24 Hours Before Trump Arrives In Wildwood

It’s roughly 24 hours until President Trump arrives in the Wildwoods.

I wanted to go ahead and document what the city looks like as the city prepares for the President. Knowing that a ton of people wish they could make it down for this event, I will be giving you updates on here and on YouTube.

People started waiting in line on Sunday with some folks that we interviewed saying that they got in line on Sunday at 6pm. At the time of this article (5:30) the line to get in was roughly about 1,000 people and people were moved into the fenced in area

Below is our video tour. Just a note. This is NOT a political video. We create videos to capture events and history in the Wildwoods. Regardless on who you support PLEASE be kind to each other every day and respect each other’s opinions.

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