Curley Fries Named An New Jersey Iconic Food

Curley Fries Named An New Jersey Iconic Food

Curley Fries Named An New Jersey Iconic Food

This is something we had to share with you all today.

Peter Genovese from put together a list of food that New Jersey is known for titled “The 64 foods that define New Jersey – and where to get them.”

His list “defines and explains the state’s extraordinary culinary richness.” Out of the 64 foods chosen one of our local spots got a place, Morey’s Piers Curley Fries in the category of best Boardwalk fries.

Some others that made the list from Wildwood are

Johnson’s Popcorn

Maui’s Dog House

Kohr Bros

What’s really cool is that they are looking for the #1 food out of the list of 64. Their contest titled, the Ultimate N.J. Food Bracket, is a culinary version of March Madness. You are able to vote for each matchup.

Check on their Twitter @njdotcom for updates and information for voting.

Ever wonder how Curley Fries are made? Check out the link below! 

See How Curley’s Fries Are Made!

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