Do You Remember Bungee Jumping In Wildwood

Do You Remember Bungee Jumping In Wildwood

Do You Remember Bungee Jumping In Wildwood?

One of our Wildwood followers posted a video ins our group, Wildwood Talk, asking how many people Bungee Jumped in Wildwood.

For those who don’t know, back in the early 90s bungee jumping was going through a craze. Through-out the country cranes were popping up at amusement parks which would pull people out in a cage. Once they would reach the top, sometimes as high as 200 feet, they would bungee out.

Wildwood was apart of this craze and had a few of them. Three notable came to mind. One at Sportland pier, one at Islander Family Fun Park and one at Fun Pier (Adventure Pier today).

The one at Fun Pier was a tower vs the others that were cranes.

For $50 a person would take the dive down. Back then safety standards weren’t as strict as they were today.

We wanted to share with you the video of these jumps. Check it out below.

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