North Wildwood Approves Duplexes For McDonald’s Location

Duplexes Approved For Old McDonald’s Location

Duplexes Approved For Old McDonald’s Location

In March we announced that the old McDonald’s, located at 130 W Spruce Ave in North Wildwood was sold for $1,250,000 and was being torn down.

You can see those photos and articles below

North Wildwood McDonald’s SOLD

McDonald’s Getting Knocked Down Now!

For awhile now we have been wondering what was going to happen to the property.

For the longest time ever we have seen the four main corners of North Wildwood completely empty.

We filmed a video to show you what it currently looks like today. (Use the link Below)

North Wildwood’s Empty Corners

Now we finally have the answers.

During an open meeting on June 19, the North Wildwood Planning Board gave approval for duplexes and one commercial building.

At this time there is no defined number of duplexes selected.

We could hope that a new restaurant could take the place of the commercial building, bringing life back to the four corners.

Tune back in for more info!

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