Hotel Impossible In Wildwood 

Were you too busy last night to catch Wildwood’s episode of “Hotel Impossible” on the Travel Channel? If so, do not worry! We took the liberty of downloading the feed and embedding the whole show for you. By the way, we know how much people hate commercials so we went ahead and took them out for you! Please ignore the quality of the footage as it was recorded and converted multiple times so that it could be read via quicktime video player. The show was broken down into three (3) different sections as YouTube wouldn’t allow us to upload it all in one video. 

If you have no idea what’s going on let me fill you in real quick. 

We reported that this past August that “Hotel Impossible” was filming at the White Caps Motel in North Wildwood. Read that story HERE. 

Finally without a moment to spare….


2017 Wildwood Calendar

2017 Wildwood Calendar

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My name is Joey Contino. I am a big lover of anything Wildwood. I have lived and worked in Wildwood my whole life. I worked jobs from working on the beach renting umbrellas and chairs to being a supervisor at Morey's Piers. Wildwood is my life and my home!

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    […] As your know, last summer we “Hotel Impossible” visit the White Caps Motel. The episode of Hotel Impossible, titled, “Jersey Shore Uproar,” aired on November 28th at 10pm on the Travel Channel. If you missed it, don’t worry, we have the whole show right here. (Click Here to Watch The Episode).  […]


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