North Wildwood Beach Patrol Incident Report For Summer 2019

North Wildwood Beach Patrol Incident Report For Summer 2019

North Wildwood Beach Patrol Incident Report For Summer 2019

During North Wildwood’s council meeting last month, the North Wildwood Beach Patrol released their incident report for the summer.

An incident report is the final numbers of rescues, medical service request and surf chair rentals for the season.

According to this report, the North Wildwood Beach Patrol had 350 rescues, 800 reported lost children and 594 incidents that needed medical attention.

This report shows a decrease in rescues, medical treatments and spring injuries from last year.

You can see the full 2019 report below.

  • Rescues: 350 Lost Children:   800
  • Medicals Handled at Truck:     458 Spine Injuries:     64
  • Medicals Handled at Headquarters: 136 Surf Chairs (HQ): 600
  • Transports @ Headquarters (1-way): 1,235 Boat 2-1 Rescues:    45     
  • Transports (Inlet, North, Central, South): 345 After-Hour calls:    25
  • Lost-and-Found Items:  230 Surf Chairs (Sheds):  348

AS a reference, below is the 2018 report.

  • Rescues: 330 Lost Children:   830
  • Medicals Handled at Truck:     515 Spine Injuries:     75
  • Medicals Handled at Headquarters: 125 Surf Chairs: 300
  • Transports @ Headquarters (1-way): 1,200 Boat 2-1 Rescues:    40     
  • Transports (Inlet, North, Central, South): 620

And if we don’t say it enough, THANK YOU to all our beach patrol through-out the Wildwoods. You keep us safe all summer long!

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