North Wildwood Bulkhead Construction Update

North Wildwood Bulkhead Construction Update

North Wildwood Bulkhead Construction Update

We have been getting flooded with questions about the new bulkhead that is currently being installed in North Wildwood.

For those who don’t know, North Wildwood is extending their bulkhead from 5th street to 15th. You can read our full story about it by clicking the link below.

North Wildwood Bulkhead Project Underway!

The biggest question that we have been getting from people is “how are we going to get on the beach.” Currently, as you can see from our photo and the video embedded below, the entrances to the beaches have been blocked by the bulkhead.

The new bulkhead system may look strange right now but once it’s completed it will make sense. The way the bulkhead is built is a two step protection plan.

They will first build the bulkhead then build the sand dunes right over them. Once that’s completed they will rebuilt or create steps/ramps to get over them.

This allows for more protection when storms hit our beach.

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