Plans For Seaport Pier Announced

It was just announced that North Wildwood has released plans for renovations at the abandoned pier in North Wildwood. The pier, which is known as Seaport Village will transform into a thriving year round destination called Seaport Pier.

Located on the 22nd and the Boardwalk the pier has sat empty since it’s former days as a shopping center. The new renovations will bring a upscale coffee bar, restaurant, a swim club and a small concert area venue.

Designed by Peter Porretta from Lighthouse Architecture, the pier will breath life back into the pier. To get an idea of what the pier used to be check out our article here about the history of Seaport Village.

Currently the design needs to be approved by the Planning Board but if passed it would begin construction in early 2018 with an open date sometime in late May 2018

So what do you think about this?

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Photos by Peter Porretta from Lighthouse Architecture

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History of Seaport Village

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    debbie bain

    I agree something should be brought into that area, but it needs more on the lines of rides and a water park with a lg. pool area. and some snack shops, like pizza, and fries, and subs.

    Kathleen mc Cauley

    You didn’t say what would be included in th pier! Will it be retail, entertainment,restaurants ???


        I know two groups that would be great, the Violations and the Capris. Check them out next week at the Fabulous 50’s


    It sounds great but one question do have to be a member for the pool 2 it’s year round so what would you do in the winter time


    It should be an outdoor arena type venue with alcoholic beverages and ADULT ONLY. Something with NO kids. I love my kid, but sometimes I need a break from her and she from me. She can cruise the boardwalk with friends and the wife and I can dance the night away out in the elements. Sorry but ANOTHER freaking restaurant serving crappy food is NOT the answer.


    I’d love to bring in food trucks seasonally and hold various festivals i.e. Oktoberfest!! And St Patrick’s day


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