Sam’s Pizza 2019 Opening Day Announced

Sam’s Pizza 2019 Opening Day Announced

Sam’s Pizza 2019 Opening Day Announced

While it hasn’t been a cold winter yet we are still dreaming of those hot summer days and nights on the Wildwood beach and boardwalk. One sign that summer will be here sooner than you think is that Sam’s Pizza Palace, located at 26th and the boardwalk, just announced their opening day.

It felt just like yesterday we had our last slice of Sam’s Pizza. You can check out our video on the last day of Sam’s by clicking the link below.

Saying Goodbye To Sam’s Pizza (Season End)

For me Sam’s pizza’s opening day is more then just the opening of Sam’s. It’s more of a excitement that the sleeping Wildwood Boardwalk is starting to wake up after a nice winters rest.

Anyway, now on to why you came here. Sam’s Pizza Palace will open their 61st season on Friday February 15th!

We hope that we can see everyone there. We go every year on opening day. Below you can check out our video on last year’s opening day of Sam’s Pizza

Sam’s Pizza Opening Day (Vlog)

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