Wildwood Postpones Weekly Friday Night Fireworks

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Wildwood Postpones Weekly Friday Night Fireworks

Wildwood Postpones Weekly Friday Night Fireworks

Wildwood Mayor Pete Byron has postponed Friday Night Fireworks for the time being. “No one wants fireworks for our residents, visitors and businesses more than I do,” stated Byron. “However, we cannot make this decision in a vacuum.” Byron is referring to New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s recent repeal to open indoor dining establishments and Covid-19 spikes in other states. “Unfortunately, many feel that social distancing and masks are arbitrary rather than lifesaving. If we are going to do this, we have to do it right – do it in a way that we can protect the most valuable part of Wildwood which is people.”

“We simply cannot produce the fireworks in a way that can guarantee public safety, and until we can, it is our duty to examine further possibilities as well as the facts,” offered Commissioner of Public Safety, Steve Mikulski.

Deputy Mayor, Krista Fitzsimons went on to say, “In Wildwood, we entertain and have done so for generations, but we always have to consider the impact to our residents, visitors and businesses when we approve any events, especially those taking place in the middle of a pandemic. Yes, we want people to come to Wildwood for fireworks, but we want them to leave us happy and healthy to return every year.”

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