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2022 Wildwood Beach Box Rental Information

2022 Wildwood Beach Box Rental Information

For those looking to rent one of the Beach Box on the Wildwood beach this summer, this is your opportunity.

Before we continue, we want to clarify that this is only for the beach boxes in Wildwood. If you are looking to rent a beach box in Wildwood Crest please Click the link below.

2022 Wildwood Crest Beach Box Rental Information

Beach Boxes are 4ft x 4ft and are intended for beach items ONLY. Boxes can store standard beach umbrellas, beach chairs, beach toys, coolers, towels, and more. Inside will be up to 64 cubic feet of storage space. (we just suggest not putting live crabs in the boxes).

As a reminder, you MUST supply your own lock for your box. You are responsible for locking and unlocking your own box. You MUST remove the lock after the rental period. (All rentals will end on September 5, 2022.)

Seasonal Rentals, for 2022 beach box rentals will begin Tuesday 2/22/22. (yes it’s strange to see that many twos in one date)

Weekly Beach Boxes will be available for rental on April 25, 2022.

The cost to rent a box for the 2022 summer season has not been posted yet but we expect them to post it shortly. Last year’s boxes cost $400 for the summer season.

Please keep in mind all rentals are on a first come first serve basis. Those who had rented a box last year should get an email reminding them of the dates mentioned above. 

To reserve your beach box or to get more information, please go to   (This will be the site to book once it goes live in a few weeks)

Should you require additional information, please call Elle  609-522- 2942.

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