A New Wildwood Crest Fishing Pier

There might be a new renovation and extension of the existing fishing pier in Wildwood Crest.

For those who don’t know, Crest Pier is a city owned pier that is located at Heather Road. It was first built in 1919 and was ran by the Wildwood Crest Fishing Club until 2006 when the city purchased it.

Due to the ever changing beach front, the pier hasn’t had water under it in many years even after a few renovations. The city wants to change that.

There was a fantastic article posted in the Cape May Herald that first posted an article yesterday. The article detailed the below.

The city would raise the height of the pier from 8 feet to 14+ feet. The new dunes would sit at a height of 14 feet so it would give them enough clearance.

The end of the fishing pier would be extended from 500-1,000 feet and widened from six feet to 12-to-16-feet.

The project would be completed 2021 or 2022 depending on funding.

We were able to obtain renderings of what the project would look like. The renderings show in details how amazing the new pier would be.

Included on the designs is;

  • A entry Node and archway.
    • With a surf board statue, covered benches and a sun stone design
  • A Retail/Restroom building
    • With roof-top seating area
    • With hammock seating below
  • A second Restroom Building
    • With steps down to the beach
  • A large gazebo for weddings

Check out the renderings below.

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