Wildwood 2019: A Year In Review

2019 is coming to an end so let’s take a moment and jump back in time to all the events we had down here in Wildwood this season.

To recap the year we put together a “Year In Review” video. This video will feature some of the events that we covered this year. The video as at the bottom of the page.

If you want to read the article or see the video for the individual story you can click the link below.

Wildwood Polar Plunge

Wildwood Boardwalk in the snow

Sam’s Pizza Opening Day

Morey’s Piers Opening Day 2019 Recap

The Retro Arcade Is Back In Wildwood !!!

Memorial Day Weekend Recap 2019

Christmas In July Boat Parade Recap Video

The NEW Wildwood Boardwalk Entrance

Touring The Runaway Tram Coaster!

Crabbing In Wildwood

Dogs Take Over The Water Park!

The Race of Gentlemen Recap

Touring Morey’s Oktoberfest at Night!

Morey’s Piers Closing Day Recap

Morey’s Halloween Ferris Wheel

Wildwood Christmas Festival and Parade Recap

Wildwood’s Winter Wonderland

Morey’s Piers’ Christmas Ferris Wheel

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[Note: from the editor (that’s me, Joey). 

It has truly been an amazing 2019 with you all. Through-out the entire year I had the pleasure to meet a lot of you and help build your vacations. It’s thanks to you that I get to do these amazing videos and articles. 

Thank you to my Patreon members and friends who help put up with my craziness. 

And a simple reminder. NEVER stop giving up on your dreams. Even when some people put you down or copy your articles word-for-word and place them on their own website, be the better person and just keep doing your thing. It’s amazing what you can accomplish once you block out the negativity and  surround yourself with people who Support you! 

I’ll see you on the beach ~ Joey