Morey’s Piers Closing Day Recap

Morey’s Piers Closing Day Recap

Morey’s Piers Closing Day Recap

It’s always sad to see Morey’s Piers close for the season. I know that it is always a hard day for me personally. I love to see everyone out on the piers and making amazing memories.

Morey’s Piers officially closed for the season on Sunday October 13th. I know that many people were unable to make it so I decided to make two videos for you.

The first video is a final tour of Morey’s Oktoberfest. We had done a night tour that prior Friday. If you want to see that tour you can click the link below

Touring Morey’s Oktoberfest at Night!

The night tour gave a full tour of the entire pier and the merchandise they sold. The day tour was more of a final view of the pier before it closed for the season. That video is below BUT, I also filmed a second video for you. Think of it as a bonus video.

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