Wildwood Boardwalk Damage Tour

Every week I receive about a hundred questions which range from “What are the ride hours this week” to “what’s your favorite restaurant to check out.”

The biggest question I have been getting lately is ‘Why do you need 40 Million dollars to fix the Wildwood Boardwalk.”

For those who haven’t been following along. A few weeks ago the city of Wildwood along with a few New Jersey officials came up with a proposed bill to fund a $40 million replace and repair plan.

You can read the full plan by clicking the link below

$40 Million Wildwood Boardwalk Repair Plan

The news took over the story and ran with it for a few days and then things calmed down. There is a issue with that.

The way things work in government is that if people aren’t complaining about something or pushing a project it doesn’t really happen. AKA, out of sight out of mind. Well today I want to reintroduce the issue so that this issue can stay current and become a strong reminder for New Jersey lawmakers… I’m looking at you Gov Phil Murphy.

Below is a tour of about two blocks of the Wildwood Boardwalk. This is the section of the boardwalk that is closed to the Tram Car.

Watch the video and then share it with a friend. We need people to keep this topic alive through November so that we can get the bill passed. (or maybe email it to your local official

I will be putting a separate video on Facebook later next week just to push it even further.

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