Could Cape May Country Get Two New Movie Theaters

Could Cape May Country Get Two New Movie Theaters

Could Cape May Country Get Two New Movie Theaters?

As you may already know, the Frank’s Theaters that are located in Rio Grande are planning to have a re-opening date sometime in January 2020. These theaters will be operated by the owners of the Harbor Square Theater in Stone Harbor.

If you want to read more about that click the link below.

Rio Grande Movie Theater Could Open By Jan 2020

What was just announced this week is that owners of the Harbor Square Theater might want to open another location is Cape May.

For those who remember, The Beach Theatre opened in Cape May in June 29, 1950. It had an 800 seat theater and was built by William Hunt. In the 1980’s, the Beach’s auditorium was divided into four auditoriums. Once the Hunt’s started to sell things off The Beach Theatre was sold to Frank Theatres. When 2011 rolled around Frank Theatres had the auditorium demolished to make room for condos. But the story doesn’t end there.

Fast-forward to today. The original entrance into the theater had never been demolished. Today they house some shops. Well the owners of the Harbor Square Theater are considering on building a new theater where the old one once stood.

This property is still owned by Frank Theatres so it would make sense considering they are buying the Rio which is also owned by Frank Theatres.

According to the Cape May Herald, final say on the matter will be on Nov 15th.

Tune back in for more details.

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