Introducing Wildwood Crest’s “The Living Room”

Introducing Wildwood Crest’s “The Living Room”

Introducing Wildwood Crest’s “The Living Room”

For a while there we have been receiving a ton of questions about what the city of Wildwood Crest was going to due with the old library.

For those who don’t know, Wildwood Crest once had a library at the corner of Wisteria and Ocean Ave. In 2015 they built and opened a new library right down the street at Wisteria and Atlantic Ave.

After the books in the library were transferred to the new library the old one sat empty. The only action it had seen since it’s closing was a movie set for the Indie film, “Wetlands.”

You can check out some of filming locations of that movie by clicking the link below.

Recap of Wetlands Filming

While the city was still deciding on what to due with the building a storm passed through and knocked down the North side of the building.

The city had a decision to make. Repair the building or turn it into some mixed use building.

Well today we are happy to announce that Wildwood crest fixed up the building and will be opening it as “The Living Room.”

The building will be a mixed use building which will house an environmental outreach room, a common area, a senior center/historical room, a concession stand and a gift shop.

We stopped by the building the other day to give you a tour.

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