North Wildwood Seawall To Be Extended

North Wildwood Seawall To Be Extended

North Wildwood Seawall To Be Extended

We are starting the new year right out of the gate with some great news!

Our friend Peter from the North Wildwood Beaches Instagram page was able to sit down with North Wildwood’s Mayor, Patrick Rosenello, to ask him some questions about the future of North Wildwood’s beaches.

In the conversation Peter asked Rosenello if the North Wildwood Sea Wall would ever be extended.

Rosenello said that “The NJDEP has allocated approximately $6 million to extend the seawall south from its current terminus at 3rd Avenue.” He goes on to say that they estimate that the funds would get the extension to somewhere between 5th-7th Avenue.

His ultimate situation would have the bulkhead with a stone seawall in front of it and cover it with natural dunes and vegetation. This would make the ideal protection for the city.

At this time there is no time schedule on when it would start but he doesn’t anticipate that project commencing prior to next season.

The great news is that Rosenello is working his hardest to make sure we are protected while creating a beautiful area. Thank you Mr. Mayor!

Tune back for more information.

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