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ABC’s “Holey Moley” Has A Wildwood Connection

ABC’s “Holey Moley” Has A Wildwood Connection

ABC’s “Holey Moley” Has A Wildwood Connection

ABC’s “Holey Moley” has a Wildwood Connection

Here is a story that I think you would find cool.

Tonight on ABC there is a new show airing titled “Holey Moley.” The show, that is produced by  NBA Super Star Stephen Curry, has a cool Wildwood Connection.

Before we get to the connection let’s talk about what the show is about. “Holey Moley” is mini-golf on steroids and broadcasted on national TV. The show has enlarged mini-golf courses that players have to navigate through to win. Players compete for a $25,000 top pice each week.

Now your prob saying “oh the Wildwood Connection is that we have like a million mini golfs on the island and this is about mini-golf.” BUZZ incorrect.

While your scrolling through the credits after the show you will see a familiar name pop up next to Talent Associate Producer. That name is Nick Contino.

For those who don’t know Nick, he was a lifeguard on the North Wildwood beach patrol for many years. Many parents may know him as he worked with the Junior lifeguards. Nick helped produce this show and even designed some of the mini-golf holes.

We can bet that his experiences mini-golfing in a Wildwood really helped him out.

[Editor note: By now you noticed that nick and I share the same family name. I am extremely proud of my big bother and everything he has accomplished in Hollywood.]

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