Actors Needed For Commercial Filming in Wildwood

Do you like to act? Are you able to make your way to the Wildwoods? If you answered yes to both of these hard-asking questions, you could be in a commercial filming in the Wildwoods.

Actors Needed For Commercial Filming in Wildwood

Actors Needed For Commercial Filming in Wildwood

This past week posted a listing “seeking a couple for nonspeaking roles at a local Jersey Shore point.”

Backstage is a website dedicated to the American entertainment industry trade publication. (aka a website where you can post acting, singing, and modeling gigs anywhere in the United States).

Based out of New York and Los Angeles, they have become the go-to folks in trying to find good local talent.

According to the listing, the company Forge Apollo, (they are local to the Philadelphia area) is advertising for non-speaking role calls for all genders ages 26 to 46 to play a couple in the “beach commercial”

There is no information about who this commercial is for or where it will be airing.

Models will be paid $200 for seven hours of work in Wildwood on Tuesday, Aug. 23. This means that both persons would be getting paid $200. (Meaning that together you would get $400 for your time)

You don’t need the experience to apply for this role. All you need to do is submit a headshot or a color photo.

While the advertisement was posted over 30 days ago, the listing is still active. This usually means they haven’t found the perfect couple yet.

If you or a friend is interested in being in such a commercial you can apply by clicking HERE. 

There are rumors that another show will be filming in the Wildwoods in a few weeks. Be sure to tune back later to find out what show.

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