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All Rescued In Wildwood Crest Beached Boat Accident

All Rescued In Wildwood Crest Beached Boat Accident

[Photos by Sea Tow Cape May]

Late yesterday, a mayday call was made for a 20’ Mako boat off the coast of Wildwood Crest.

All Rescued In Wildwood Crest Beached Boat Accident

All Rescued In Wildwood Crest Beached Boat Accident

Reports said that the boat, which had gone out earlier in the day, had engine problems and was unable to get the engine to start up again.

Due to the lack of propulsion and the push of the ocean swell, it drifted inland before hitting the shallows of the Wildwood Crest beach.

While there are no storms in our area, the surf was very rough and was pulling down the back of the boat as waves hit it.

Wildwood Crest Police was the first responder on the scene with The Coast Guard and Sea Tow Cape May right after them.

All persons on board were recovered with no injuries and all ambulances were called off.

Since it was starting to get dark out, a full recovery of the boat was unlikely at that time.

Sea Tow, which always does a great job, made the call to tie up the boat and pull it on land versus bringing it out to sea.

In the middle of the night, they were able to secure the boat on the waterline and waited until the morning to remove it from the beach.

Right after dawn Sea Tow brought a trailer and a forklift and got it on the trailer with no issues.

Sea Tow took to Facebook this morning with photos from the incident and thanked the “Great response from all the agencies involved. “

Great job by Sea Tow and the Coast Guard. They make this look easy, but their extensive training makes this job easy.

Over the past few weeks, we have been seeing a ton of boating accidents. This is a reminder that with temperatures starting to get colder at night, you need to stick to your daily bot checklist. (aka make sure things aren’t freezing up before you leave the dock).

Always have a signed contract with a tow company because if you don’t something like this will be costly. [Not an advertisement] 

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