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Construction Has Started On Wildwood’s Starbucks

Construction Has Started On Wildwood’s Starbucks

[Main Photo by C.J. Caruso]

There is some great news coming out of Wildwood today. The latest New Jersey Starbucks project has officially started.

For those who may not know yet, the Wildwoods are getting their own Starbucks located at 4800 Park Boulevard, right on Rio Grande Boulevard and across the street from Mcdonald’s.

Construction Has Started On Wildwood’s Starbucks

Construction Has Started On Wildwood’s Starbucks

The Wildwood Video Archive first broke the story back on June 6th. Prior to this, there were tons of rumors going around that we would be getting this chain down here but nothing had been confirmed.

This location might sound familiar to you because prior to this, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen had purchased it and was going to make a Doo-Wop style location here. That application, unfortunately, fell through and the property was put up for sale.

In December 2021 this lot sold for $650,000 to Wildwood Park Developers LLC. A big of digging in the public records found that this LLC was a front for Starbucks!

It wasn’t until May 2022 the first mockup of Starbucks started to show up in the public records since it was going to be presented in the June Planning and Zoning meeting in Wildwood.

At the bottom of this page is a video where the WVA goes through the mockups and blueprints while on the property.

What makes this location so interesting is the fact that there is no inside dining area. You have two options to visit this property; by the drive-through and window pick-up.

Tables and chairs will be added to the front of the building in case folk want to take a load off their feet BUT there will be no public bathrooms.

First Look at Wildwood’s NEW Starbucks

First Look at Wildwood’s NEW Starbucks

The signs for the restaurant also call for Starbucks and menu signs on the building BUT interestingly enough there won’t be a free-standing Starbucks signs.

This is something many of us want to change. You see, on this street, most of the businesses have gone out of their way to present a Doo-Wop style since we are the Doo-Wop Capital of the world.

McDonald’s embraced it with their archways, the new Sinclair Gas Station added in a retro sign, and Wawa is fully mid-century modern but Starbucks hasn’t presented any interest in joining in on the fun.

While the building is sort of modern, what could make it stand with the other chains is a cool Doo-Wop sign.

In Starbuck’s history, we have seen them bring them bring some Retro signs into their design.

At their Redlands, California location, they have an epic neon sign. (See the photo on the right). Would you want to see a sign like this come to the Wildwoods? Let us know on Facebook!

Once completed this will be the third Starbucks location in our general area. The first Starbucks opened on the Rio Grande many years ago and a second opened in Cape May Court House last year.

Below is the video showing the blueprints and mockups of the Wildwood Starbucks. Before you watch please consider subscribing.