Wildwood Police Stop Possible Bomb Threat

On Friday, October 28, many residents reported tons of police activity on the island in the morning hours. Over the police scanner, listeners could hear that the Atlantic City Police Department Bomb Squad was contacted and asked to come down to Mango Motel located at 209 East Spencer Avenue in Wildwood.

Wildwood Police Stop Possible Bomb Threat

Wildwood Police Stop Possible Bomb Threat

While rumors were circulating on the situation, the Wildwood Video Archive chose to wait to report on it until details were released by Wildwood.

Late on November 3rd, the Wildwood Police Department put out a press release detailing the situation.

Below is their press release.

“On Friday, October 28, 2022, at approximately 08:37 AM, the Wildwood Police Department received a report of an unwanted guest at the Mango Motel located at 209 East Spencer Avenue.

Upon their arrival, Uniformed Patrol Officers spoke with the manager who stated that thirty-seven-year-old Joshua Bailey of Brunswick, ME was dropped off at the motel and rented room 5 for the week. Further investigation revealed that several guests overheard Bailey make numerous comments about constructing a bomb in room 5. 

The Wildwood Police Department subsequently contacted the Cape May County Sheriff’s Department K9 unit to assist with a protective sweep of Bailey’s room. Shortly thereafter, officers retreated from the area after a copper wire was observed wrapped around the doorknob of room 5.

At this point, several residents located in adjacent properties were evacuated from the immediate area.  Additionally, vehicle and pedestrian traffic was diverted after the appropriate intersections were cordoned off.

During the continuing investigation, the Atlantic City Police Department Bomb Squad and Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office were contacted and responded to the scene. 

A subsequent search of the room revealed several items used as improvised IED material however, none of these items were constructed to form a functioning explosive device. Bailey was taken into custody and transported to Cape Regional Medical Center for a psychological evaluation.

As a result of the physical search of the premises, evidential properties were seized specific to this investigation.  Consequently, Joshua Bailey was charged with Causing False Public Alarm, a crime of the 2nd degree. 

Bailey is currently waiting to be incarcerated at the Cape May County Correctional Center in accordance with the Attorney General Guidelines, promulgated in connection with the Criminal Justice Bail Reform Policies and Directives.

The defendant was charged after a finding of probable cause and is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.”

The WVA wants to send a big thank you to Wildwood PD, the Atlantic City Police Department Bomb Squad, and Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office for their incredible job.

As a reminder to everyone. If you see something out of the ordinary, say something. It could save your life.

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