NEW Wildwood Boardwalk Hotel – FIRST LOOK

A few months ago we broke the news that a new hotel will be coming to the Wildwoods Boardwalk.

Located at 3000 Boardwalk, aka Glenwood and the boardwalk, this new hotel will be taking over what some called the biggest eyesore on the Wildwood Boardwalk. It wasn’t the shops that made it look so bad but rather the ugly abandoned hotel that sat above it.

NEW Wildwood Boardwalk Hotel – FIRST LOOK

NEW Wildwood Boardwalk Hotel – FIRST LOOK

Back in 2008, this hotel was going through massive renovations which would see the top two floors refurbished. After the hotel was painted a bright yellow, the economy crashed.

The owners lost funding and so they stopped work on the top floors and kept on renting out the bottom shops.

Fast forward to 2020, and the abandoned hotel was falling apart and was condemned by the city. To make matters worse, when it rained the water was moving through the hotel and down into the shops.

NEW Wildwood Boardwalk Hotel – FIRST LOOK

NEW Wildwood Boardwalk Hotel – FIRST LOOK

This made places like “It’s Sugar” close their doors early for the summer while repairs could be made.

In 2021, we announced that this building was put up for sale.

The listing said, “The Existing 3 Story Structure With 15,000 SF Floor Plates is Located in the BA – Boardwalk Amusement Zoning, Which Allows For Maximum Flexibility in Use, Including Retail and Hotels Up To 6 Stories.”

NEW Wildwood Boardwalk Hotel - FIRST LOOK

NEW Wildwood Boardwalk Hotel – FIRST LOOK

Two weeks ago someone bit on this property to the price of $6,200,000.

On November 7th an application for this project will be presented at the Wildwood planning and zoning board. In it, the owners want to add two new floors, bring the total of rooms to 75, add a rooftop pool, and a restaurant.

Many of you wanted more information about this hotel so the Wildwood Video Archive went to city hall and grabbed all of the blueprints and mockup photos.

In the video at the bottom of this page, we break down everything and give you full photos (plus comparison videos).

In short, this project will be massive. The name of the hotel will be called “The Wild Resort.” (yes we aren’t too happy with that name as well)

The entire facade of the boardwalk will go through renovations to include a hotel lobby and cafe on the boardwalk.

NEW Wildwood Boardwalk Hotel – FIRST LOOK

NEW Wildwood Boardwalk Hotel – FIRST LOOK

The additional two floors will include suites with their own private pools on their balcony.

The restaurant can hold up to 150 persons and the owners hope to get a liquor license sometime in the future.

For those asking for parking info, the back lot will have 55 parking spaces, though, I assume someone will bring it up in the zoning meeting that this needs to be closer to 75. (one for at least each room).

While there is no date on when this could be completed, it can be said it will be a while since a CAFRA report needs to come together. If we had to guess, we could see this hotel opening on the Boardwalk by 2025 if approved on November 7th (first reading).

Keep in mind, this isn’t the only hotel on the boardwalk that could be coming in that timeframe. We could be seeing three other properties that are currently in process or about to be presented in the future.

In the video below, we break down the mockups in much more detail.

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