Anglesea Aleworks – A New Wildwood Brewery!

There is a new Brewery coming to the Wildwoods. Please welcome Anglesea Aleworks to the island.

We first broke the story about the new brewery back on November 6th. You can check out that article by clicking the link below.

A New Brewery Is Coming To Wildwood

Anglesea Aleworks will be located at 3401 New Jersey Ave Unit 107. This is the unit under the Island Bowl & Family Entertainment Center known as “Breakers Pool Hall.”

Just to clarify, since many folks get confused on this. The Wildwood Bowling alley, Island Bowl & Family Entertainment Center, is located on the second floor of the building. Underneath the Island Bowl are many stores and restaurants. This first floor is where Alfe’s, the old T-Mobile store, the Sharp Cleaners laundry mat, the barbershop, and more are located.

Anglesea Aleworks has a tentative settlement date on the property of Feb 18th. This gives the owners time for the city to read and approve their proposal (and give them the 45 day appeal period required by law).

Once approved it will take a minimum of 6 months for the owners to receive their brew equipment and a working product.

The state will then inspect and then approve their ABC license once they receive the equipment.

Anglesea Aleworks plans to do minor renovations inside the shop to get it ready for its opening.

With the case with most new breweries, it takes a while for things to get approved.

For those looking to get a cold one this summer, they might not be open for some time. There is no projected opening date other than late 2022.

Below is a video going through all the details plus a tour of the current Breakers Pool Hall.

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