Answering Who Shovels the Wildwood Boardwalk?

Over the weekend the Wildwoods, and the state of New Jersey, were hit with a massive blizzard.

While some of the online publications are saying that the Wildwoods received 14 inches of snow, according to our measurements it was closer to 16 inches.

The total amount of snow that the island received this year was roughly the same total of snow we got over the past five years. (That’s a lot of snow).

Since most people only visit us during the hot summer months, many were so intrigued to see snow on the boardwalk.

With the snowdrifts, some sections of the Wildwood Boardwalk had about two feet of snow.

This prompted the Keans from Ridley Park, Pennsylvania to ask us “who cleans the snow on the boardwalk?”

This is a great question.

Throughout the entire summer the Wildwoods Boardwalk Special Improvement District, Management Corporation (WSID), handles the day-to-day management of the boardwalk.

This is everything from fixing boards, cleaning the bathrooms, emptying the trash cans, and more.

In the winter though, the WSID only handles trash duty since the bathrooms are closed.

To some surprise, the boardwalk does not get plowed. This is for many reasons but the biggest reason is due to the wood.

You see, if you were to put a plow on the wood you run into a situation where you could mistakenly rip up the wood with the metal plow.

For the most part, any businesses that are open would have to shovel their own walkways from the ramp. (Think of this like a sidewalk outside a store).

A good example of this is Gateway 26. They were open yesterday and cleared the steps and a pathway to their side door. (though the wind made the job hard for them)

The snow will slowly start to melt over the next week and before you know it, poof, it will be gone.

Thank you to the Keans for the great question!

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