Wildwood Blizzard Photos – Jan 2022

This winter Wildwood has truly become a Winter Wonderland.

So far this year, we have experienced more snow (up to this point) than the past 4 years combined.

For the past week, we had been giving you updates on the pending snowstorm. From the beginning, the models were showing that this would be a big one. The first model, the Monday Euro model, showed that we were going to get something like 5 feet of snow. While it was a bit off we still got a lot.

Winter Storm Kenan, which was the name of this system, really took a hammer to the Wildwoods with snow totals.

While there have been many reported snow totals reported on the news, our own backyard received 16 inches of snow. Some other residents on the island have seen some totals as high as 18 inches.

This shift in totals could be due to the wind whipping up the snow and moving it. The wind was so strong that our car, which was parked on New York Avenue, had no snow on it (unless my neighbors cleaned it if so thank you!)

Throughout the storm, we had been updating you with snow photos and videos on Facebook. Since people know the Wildwoods as a summer town, it’s cool to see it all covered in white.

Before we get into the photos a family asked us how the snow is removed from the boardwalk in the off-season. It’s a great question and something that we never got before but the answer is simple. The snow isn’t removed from the boardwalk. Since it’s not open (but is) the city just lets it melt.

In some areas the owners of the business, if open) would shovel it. A good example of that would be Gateway 26 or the Retro Arcade. they would shovel to their business’ front/side door.

Below are some of our favorite photos from the blizzard.

Photos are by, Big Rob, Travis Leszczynski, Joseph Brook, Suzanne Gilson, Yamil Castro

Wildwood Blizzard Photos - Jan 2022

Wildwood Blizzard Photos – Jan 2022

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