Atlantic City Electric Reliability Project UPDATE

Atlantic City Electric Reliability Project UPDATE

Atlantic City Electric Reliability Project UPDATE

We have been getting a ton of questions in regards to the Middle Township to the Wildwoods Reliability Project.

For those who don’t know, over the course of the next few months, Atlantic City Electric will be undergoing a major project which will update the Wildwoods electrical system.

This project is something that we first broke a few weeks ago and just recently did an update on it. Click the link below for the update and drone video.

UPDATE – Abandoned Islander Family Fun Park Construction

In summary, the ACE (Atlantic City Electric) will be replacing the old wooden poles that bring in the power from Middle Township. The line runs over the old Wildwood train line which is located in the middle of the Grassy Sound Channel.

Since then ACE has been working overtime on getting the poles in the ground before it gets too cold out.

Photographer, Werner Tedesco, has been taking some great photos of the project and so we wanted to share them with you.

ACE is doing many different things to get the project going. First they are building the poles in stages at the old Islander Family Fun Park. Once ready to be lifted they are using an Erickson Air-Crane to bring them to the sound.

The helicopter lowers the pieces into place while two workers install them.

While this is going on other workers are taking apart the old poles (the ones over the old train bridge).

Once they are done they will then fish the wire over the poles.

Below each photo will be a description giving you context.

Here you can see the removal of the power towers. (they have been standing since the 80s). 

Here you can see the Erickson Air-Crane carrying the pole over to the site.

Here you can see the Erickson Air-Crane lowering to grab the pole.

Here you can see the crew working on the poles

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