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Cape May Ferry Adds Surcharge To Fight Rising Gas Prices

Cape May Ferry Adds Surcharge To Fight Rising Gas Prices

It’s no secret that the current price of gas is making a hole in everyone’s wallet. The current average price of gas in the state of New Jersey is $4.21 and $4.32 in the state of Pennsylvania.

This has caused many of our products on the shelves to go up in price. It looks like the Cape May – Lewes Ferry is having to deal with the same issue.

In a post yesterday on the Facebook page, Cape May – Lewes Ferry announced that they are now adding Surcharges for certain tickets to help offset the cost.

They said;

“As much as we wish it could be great news and beautiful sunsets all the time, occasionally we have to pass on some info that’s less than ideal. In this case, the news is that, effective April 1, a $2 fuel surcharge will be applied to each vehicle trip.”

These extra expenses are not something that they can absorb.

A few things to keep in mind. This new surcharge isn’t for everyone. It only applies to vehicles, not passengers. The surcharge is also only temporary and will be evaluated every month.

If the price of gas were to decrease over the next few months they could be able to get rid of this surcharge.

For more information about this check out their FAQ page –

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