Cape May Ferry Sinking (Video)

Cape May Ferry Sinking

Cape May Ferry being towed to sea for sinking

The Cape May Ferry Sinking has been the most talked about sinking for the past year and it finally came!

At 11:55AM on Friday June 15th, the retired Cape May Ferry, M.V. Twin Peaks met her watery grave.

Last month we announced that the M.V. Twin Capes, was going to be sunk this summer to become a new artificial reef.

You can read that entire article using the link below.

Cape May-Lewes’ Ferry To Be Sunk 

This ship will be sunk at the Del-Jersey-Land offshore reef site that houses many other artificial reefs such as USS Arthur W Radford, The Tamaroa (that boat that inspired “The Perfect Storm”) and some of New York City subway cars.

This site is roughly 26 nautical miles due east of Indian River Inlet Delaware.

Check out the sinking of the Tamaroa by using the link below. (Video was taken by drone)

Watch The Tamaroa Sink Off of Cape May

M.V. Twin Capes was stripped from everything that was harmful to the environment at a ship yard in Norfolk, Virginia by the Colleen Marine. It took around eleven months to complete.

On early Thursday June 14th, M.V. Twin Capes was towed by tug out to the site.

The sinking of the M.V. Twin Capes went has planned. She sank at a slow rate and was able to sink upright on the ocean floor about 130 feet down. Divers were able to confirm that all of their hard work paid off. 

You are able to see the progress of how they stripped the M.V. Twin Capes by checking out Twin Capes Reef Project Facebook Page 

Below is a video brought to us by Rich King

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