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Cape May Is In A Hallmark Movie!

Cape May Is In A Hallmark Movie!

Thanksgiving may be next week but many folks are already in the Christmas Spirit. From decorating houses, putting up trees and baking cookies, Christmas will be here before you know it.

One of the biggest traditions people do to get ready for the Holidays is to turn on the Hallmark channel.

For those who don’t know the Hallmark Channel, they were created by the Hallmark card company to put on cheesy love stories. While many folks only watch the Hallmark channel during the holidays, they actually put movies on all year round.

Cape May In A Hallmark Movie!

Cape May In A Hallmark Movie!

It is normally near Halloween when this television channel starts to shine with its “Countdown to Christmas” marathon.

The Hallmark channel’s “Countdown to Christmas” started back in 2011 when they introduced their movies. What had started as one or two new Christmas movies has blown into a massive 30 days with dozens of new Christmas movies.

Some of those new Christmas movies for this year include “We Wish you a Married Christmas,” “A Kismet Christmas,” “A Cozy Christmas Inn,” “Jolly Good Christmas,” “Lights, Camera, Christmas!” and “The Royal Nanny.”

If you were like us, you were watching the Hallmark Channel on Sunday, November 13th at 8 pm for the movie premiere of “Christmas at the Golden Dragon.” (Yes, I forgot to mention that no matter how bad these movies are, we watch them in our household).

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The movie setup was quite “intriguing” with it being described as;

“When Romy and Rick’s parents surprise them with the news that they will be closing the Chinese restaurant they have owned and operated for decades, the siblings each find themselves reevaluating their futures. Also impacted by the news are the landmark restaurant’s loyal patrons and staff, who have all come to depend on the restaurant over the holidays.”

Cape May In A Hallmark Movie!

Cape May In A Hallmark Movie!

To clarify, this is the movie that starred Kara Wang, Osric Chau, Sara Canning, Antonio Cupo, and Barbara Niven.

Just like most of their other movies, nothing was special about it until the end. At the 55-minute mark, they made a quick outside shot before moving into a restaurant scene, and BOOM… There was Cape May.

We jumped out of our seats and started screaming and pointing at our TV. DVR got powered up and rewound to confirm what we saw, Cape May.

It was only about three seconds long but it showed a snowy Washington Street Mall. It looked like something they most likely purchased off of a stock movie image site but it was still so much fun to ‘see’ Cape May on the Hallmark Channel.

Maybe if Cape May is lucky, they could see a Hallmark Channel movie filmed there next year. Hint Hint!

If you don’t have the Hallmark Channel or its streaming service, you can watch the full movie on Youtube. At the bottom of this page, we were able to embed a copy for you to enjoy but be warned, Youtube could take this video down so let us know if this copy goes offline. (though you could jump on Youtube and find another)


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