Clarifying NY, NJ and CT Travel Quarantine

Clarifying NY NJ and CT Travel Quarantine

Clarifying NY NJ and CT Travel Quarantine

During a joint press conference on June 24th, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, New York Governor,  Andrew Cuomo, and Connecticut Governor, Ned Lamont announced new travel advisories for those visiting New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.

The advisory requires visitors arriving from states with high Covid-19 rates to go into a 14 day quarantine. As of July 7th a few states were added to the list including Delaware. 

States that would REQUIRE this 14 day quarantine are; Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Delaware, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, Mississippi, Kansas, Iowa, Louisiana, Idaho, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, Nevada, and Texas. 

JUST TO CLARIFY this does NOT include most of the bordering states of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. For the most part Northeast America is in good shape and have low cases of Covid-19. So as an example, someone from Maine, Vermont,  Pennsylvania, New York, New Hampshire…. can visit the Wildwoods with NO quarantine. 

This advisory also applies to everyone, including New Jerseyans returning home from these states.

So as a recap:

  • If you live in a boarding state, unless you are from Delaware and want to come to Wildwood, you do NOT need to quarantine.

  • If you are visiting from one of those nine states you MUST quarantine

  • If you are returning from one of these states back home to New Jersey, you MUST quarantine.

I hope this clarifies any confusion that’s been circulating on Facebook.

Also one more thing, Wearing a mask to curve the spread of Covid.

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