Doo Wop Drive In SOLD

The Doo Wop Drive In located at 6200 New Jersey Ave in Wildwood Crest has become a fan favorite since it opened its doors during the height of the pandemic in 2020.

Opened by Doo Wop Coffee Shop owner, Jason Kramer and his business partner, the restaurant offered unique and innovative breakfast options.

You want Cinnamon Roll Pancakes, he has them. A breakfast sandwich on a real Philly pretzel, he has them too.

Kramer’s breakfast creations have become legends down here.

Doo Wop Drive In SOLD

Doo Wop Drive In SOLD

After running the Doo Wop Coffee Shop, located at the Tangiers Motel for 15 years, Kramer wanted to expand the brand and moved it over to its 6200 New Jersey Ave location.

There he expanded his menu, floor space, and many of our pant sizes. Visitors alike phrased Kramer for his food and we’re grateful for the new offerings in the Crest. Many know that on that side of the Crest there aren’t too many breakfast places to enjoy.

For the past few months, the Wildwood Video Archive has been teasing that a change would be coming to a local favorite in Wildwood Crest.

Today we can announce that this change was that the Doo Wop Drive In has sold.

While business has been amazing for Kramer and his business partner, one thing he prioritizes is his family. (as should everyone. Family first, and work second)

Doo Wop Drive In SOLD

Doo Wop Drive In SOLD

With family medical issues that needed his attention at home, he decided to make his life more manageable so he can be there for his family. This prompted him to place the restaurant up for sale in August.

The listing online prior to the sale had the restaurant, including the business and the building, for sale for just shy of one million dollars. Now the website lists the property as pending. Public records will release the final number in the coming days.

There is great news for those who love Kramer and his breakfast concoctions though. They aren’t going off the island any time soon.

New Cafe Coming to Wildwood Crest - Tangiers Cafe

New Cafe Coming to Wildwood Crest – Tangiers Cafe

During the summer of 2020 when Kramer left his Doo Wop Coffee Shop location at the Tangiers Motel for his new spot, another business moved in.

Aurora Blue Cafe took over for the summer of 2020 but didn’t last long. In January 2022, Kramer took to Facebook and announced that he was moving back into his Tangiers Motel location under the name Tangiers Cafe.

For the summer this meant we have two great places to chow down.

With this smaller location, he can afford to be home with his family when they need him and still give us some amazing breakfast.

We wish the Tangiers Cafe family the best of luck in 2023! Be sure to give them a like on Facebook.

Back to the Doo Wop Drive In. According to our sources, the new owners will not continue to run the Doo Wop Drive In the way it is. The name, menu, and hours will be changing but all of that is for another article.

There are tons of other big changes coming to the Wildwoods this off-season. To see the latest “Wildwoods Construction Update,” watch the video below.